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Complete implementation of document management tool in your company

Lack of space in your office?

Are you overwhelmed by so much paper?

AZDoc is the solution to all this documentary chaos because it is simple and quick to use. Free the space occupied by filing cabinets and shelves.

Find any report in a split second.

Use your documents with total flexibility.

Prevent your documents be viewed by anyone.

AZDoc is an electronic document management system (EDM)

This will let you exploit your information in a quick, intuitive and advanced.

Saving documents, quickly find, share, set access control documentation, publishing, audit access to documents ... are some of the things you can do with AZDoc.

Documents digitalization

In the process of digitizing, paper documents are scanned and stored digitally.

OCR editable text

Optical character recognition of scanned documents enabling text search and / or use of this text in other documents that can be created after

LOPD control by ACL

Classification documentary impossible to different system users to view documents of different levels of protection to those who are authorized by the content and level of security set.

PHYSICAL destruction

Destruction of the paper document once scanned, saving space in offices and offices, using approved shredder.


AZDoc can stand alone or in collaboration with other AZDocs to share information and distribute it automatically.


AZDoc is accessible from any OS as its management and use is entirely Web.

Digitalization solutions for your business.


AZDoc video demo


Organization categories manageable by the customer so that they are grouped by documents similar content (sections).

  • Grouping by type of document.
  • Forms adapted to the needs of your business.
  • Document classification by security level following current law LOPD/1999.
Eg, model 110, bills, deeds, etc.


Find any document using only the mouse.

  • Quick and easy navigation.
  • Complements any standard search on.
  • Optimized to browse the entire contents of the file.